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Read the following instructions carefully!
Before use, check that the power supply corre-
sponds to the voltage shown on the serial
number plate. Connect the appliance only to
properly-earthed power outlet (minimum
In case of incompatibility between the plug
and your socket, have the socket replaced
by a qualified electrician.
The electrical safety of this appliance is only
guaranteed when it is properly earthed
according to current electrical safety regula-
tions. The manufacturer declines all responsi-
bility for any damage resulting from inade-
quate earthing of the appliance. If in doubt,
consult a qualified electrician.
Do not use the appliance without water.
This appliance is designed to make coffee:
be careful to avoid scalding when using the
water and steam jets.
Do not touch hot parts (steam nozzle, water,
area around the filter-holder and filter).
Do not remove the filter-holder when
the appliance is producing steam or
hot water.
Do not leave water in the machine when the
room temperature is 0°C or below.
After unpacking, check the appliance for
damage. If in doubt, do not use the applian-
ce; contact a qualified technician.
Packaging materials (plastic bags, polystyre-
ne foam, etc.) are a potential source of dan-
ger, and must be kept out of reach of chil-
The use of adaptors, multiple plugs and/or
extension cords is not recommended. If these
are absolutely necessary, use only single
adaptors and multiple plugs and extension
cords that conform to current safety regula-
tions. Do not exceed the maximum power
limit shown on the adaptor.
This appliance is designed for domestic use
only. Any other use of the appliance is consi-
dered improper and therefore dangerous.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility
for any damage resulting from improper,
incorrect or careless use of the appliance.
Do not touch the appliance with wet or
damp hands or feet.
Do not use the appliance in bathrooms.
Do not pull the power cable or the appliance
to remove the plug from socket.
Do not leave the appliance exposed to atmos-
pheric agents (rain, sun, frost, etc.).
Do not allow the appliance to be used by
children or irresponsible persons unless
under supervision.
Do not immerse the appliance in
Before carrying out any cleaning or mainte-
nance operations, always disconnect the
appliance from the mains power supply by
removing the plug.
In case of failure or malfunction, switch off
the appliance and do not attempt to effect
repairs. Contact an authorized Service
Centre and insist on original spare parts.
Failure to observe the above points may
affect the safety of the appliance.
Remove the plug from the mains socket when
the appliance is not in use. Do not leave the
appliance switched on unnecessarily. Turn off
the power switch when the appliance is not in
Installation must be carried out according to
manufacturer’s instructions.
The supply cable must not be replaced by
the user, as this requires the use of special
tools. If the supply cable is damaged, con-
tact an authorized Service Centre.
Remove the plug from the mains socket when
the appliance is not in use. Do not leave the
appliance switched on unnecessarily. Turn
off the power switch when the appliance is
not in use.
This appliance conforms to CEE Directive EN
55014 regarding the suppression of radio
Materials and articles destined for use in contact
with food products conform to the EEC directives
Read this instruction booklet care-
fully before installing and using the
machine. In this way, you will
obtain the best possible results and
maximum operating safety.


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