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The following terms are used throughout the
instruction manual
A. Water tank
B. Cap with safety valve
C. Steam knob
D. Steam tube
E. Drip tray
F Cup tray
G. Carafe with lid
H. Cappuccino nozzle
I. Adaptor for caps (if fitted)
J. Filter holder
K. Filter
L. Measuring spoon
M. ON/OFF Switch
N. Boiler outlet
O. Flow regulator (if fitted)


This machine has been built to “make coffee”
and to “reheat beverages”; please be careful to
avoid burns from the sprays of hot water or
steam and avoid any improper use.
When the appliance is in use, do not touch any
of the machine’s hot surfaces.
After unpacking, make sure that the machine is
complete and undamaged. In case of doubt, do
not use the appliance and seek the advice of a
qualified service professional.
Packaging materials (plastic bags, foam poly-
styrene, etc.) should not be left within the reach
of children as this could be a potential source of
This appliance is to be utilised for domestic use
only. Any other use is to be considered
improper and therefore, dangerous.
The manufacturer takes no responsibility for
damage derived from improper use.
Never touch the appliance with wet or damp
The appliance is not intended for use by young
children or infirm persons without supervision.
Young children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
In case of breakdown or malfunctioning, turn
off the appliance immediately and do not touch
it. For repairs, please contact a Service Centre
authorised by the manufacturer and request the
use of original replacement parts only. The lack
of respect for this point may compromise the
safe use of the appliance.
The power supply cable of this appliance must
never be replaced by the user, because its
replacement requires the use of special tools. If
the cable should become damaged, or in case it
needs to be replaced, please go to a Service
Centre authorised by the manufacturer.
When the appliance is not in use, turn off and
disconnect the plug from the socket.
As with any electrical appliance, whilst the
instructions aim to cover as many eventualities
as possible, caution and common sense should
be applied when operating your appliance,
particularly in the vicinity of young children.


Place the coffee maker on flat work surface at a
safe distance from taps and sinks.
Check that the voltage corresponds to that indicat-
ed on the appliance rating plate. The appliance
must always be connected to a well-earthed sock-
et rated at 10 A minimum. The manufacturer is
not liable for damage caused by inadequate
earthing of the appliance.
• In the event of incompatibility between the plug
on the appliance and the socket, have the plug
replaced with another of the right type by a
qualified professional.
If the cable is damaged or requires replacing,
contact a service centre authorised by the man-
ufacturer only.
Never install the machine in an environment that
can reach a temperature less than or equal to 0°C
(if the water in it freezes, the coffee maker may be
In the event of breakdowns or malfunctioning,
do not tamper with the appliance and switch it
off by unplugging it.
Please read this instruction booklet
carefully before installing the appli-
ance and keep it handy for future
consultation. In so doing you will
obtain the best result and maximum
safety in its use.


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