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Attention Statements

A statement preceded by the triangu-
lar Attention Symbol and the word
"WARNING" contains information
that should be acted upon to prevent
serious bodily injury.
The operational procedures described
in this manual are intended to help you
get the most from your unit, and to pro-
tect you and others from harm. These
procedures are guidelines for safe
operation under most conditions, and
are not intended to replace any safety
rules and/or laws that may be in force in
your area.
If you have questions regarding your
DH232 hedge trimmer, or if you do not
understand something in this manual,
your Shindaiwa dealer will be glad
to assist you. You may also contact
Shindaiwa at the address printed on the
back of this manual.
A statement preceded by the word
IMPORTANT is one that possesses
special signicance.
A statement preceded by the word
"CAUTION" contains information
that should be acted upon to avoid
damaging your unit.


The Shindaiwa DH232 Hedge Trimmer
has been designed and built to deliver
superior performance and reliability
without compromise to quality, comfort,
or durability.
Shindaiwa high performance engines
represent the leading edge of air-cooled
engine technology, delivering excep-
tionally high power at remarkable low
displacement and weight. As an owner/
operator, you’ll soon discover for your-
self why Shindaiwa is simply in a class
by itself!
The information contained in this manual
describes units available at the time of
While every attempt has been made
to give you the very latest information
about your Shindaiwa product, there
may be some differences between your
DH232 hedge trimmer and what is de
scribed here.
ECHO Inc. reserves the right to make
changes to products without prior noti-
cation, and without obligation to make
alterations to units previously manufac-
A statement preceded by the word
“NOTE” contains information that is handy
to know and may make your job easier.
The engine exhaust from this prod-
uct contains chemicals known to the
State of California to cause cancer,
birth defects or other reproductive
Beware of high tem-
perature areas.
A statement preceded
by the triangular attention symbol
and the word “DANGER” contains
information that should be acted
upon to prevent serious injury or
Read and understand
owner's manual.
Wear eyes,ears and
head protection.
Finger severing.
Do not operate with-
out guards in place.
Keep bystanders at least
4.5 meters(15 feet)away.
Wear foot protec-
tion and gloves

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