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Suzuki SV650 S (2000)
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Riding with the side stand in-
completely retracted can result
in an accident when you turn
Check operation of the side
stand/ignition interlock sys-
tem before riding
Always retract the side stand
completely before starting off


Park the motorcycle on firm,
level ground to help prevent it
from falling over
If you must park on an incline,
aim the front of the motorcycle
uphill and put the transmission
into 1 st gear to reduce the pos-
sibility of rolling off the side
Spring Pre-load Adjustment
The rear suspension spring pre
load is adjustable
. The adjustmen
can be performed by changing th
ring position with the adjuster in th
tool kit
. Position 1 provides the soft
est spring pre-load and position
provides the stiffest
. The spring pre
load is set on position 2 at the fac
. (4 position for SV650S)


The first 800 km (500 miles) is the
most important in the life of your
. Proper operation dur-
Ing this break-in period will help
assure maximum life and perfor-
mance from your new motorcycle
The following guidelines explain
proper break-in procedures
Maximum Engine Speed
The table below shows the maxi-
mum engine speed recommenda-
tion during the break-in period
Vary the Engine Speed
Vary the engine speed during the
break-in period
. This allows the
parts to "load" (aiding the mating
process) and then "unload" (allow-
ing the parts to cool)
. Although it is
essential to place some stress on
the engine components during
break-in, you must be careful not
to load the engine too much
Breaking in the New Tires
New tires need proper break-in to
assure maximum performance, just
as the engine does
. Wear- in the
tread surface by gradually increas-
ing your cornering lean angles over
the first 160 km (100 miles) before
attempting maximum performance
Avoid hard acceleration, hard cor-
nering, and hard braking for the first
160 km (100 miles)


Failure to perform break-in of
the tires could cause tire slip
and loss of control
Use extra care when riding on
new tires
. Perform proper break-
in of the tires as described in
this section and avoid hard ac-
celeration, hard cornering, and
hard braking for the first 160 km
(100 miles)
Allow the Engine Oil to
Circulate before Riding
Allow enough idling time after warm
or cold engine start-up before rev-
ving the engine or placing the trans-
mission in gear
. This allows time for
the lubricating oil to reach all criti-
cal engine components
Initial 800 km
(500 miles)
Below 5000
Up to 1600 km
(1000 miles)
Below 8000
Over 1600 km
(1000 miles)
Below 10500


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