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There are a great variety of acces-
sories available to Suzuki owners
Suzuki can not have direct control
over the quality or suitability of ac-
cessories you may wish to pur-
. The addition of unsuitable
accessories can lead to unsafe
operating conditions
. It is not pos-
sible for Suzuki to test each acces-
sory on the market or combinations
of all the available accessories
however, your dealer can assist you
in selecting quality accessories and
installing them correctly
. Use ex-
treme caution when selecting and
installing the accessories for your
. We have developed some
general guidelines which will aid
you when deciding whether, and
how to equip your motorcycle


Improper accessories or modi-
fications can make your motor-
cycle unsafe and can lead to an
Never modify the motorcycle
with improper or poorly installed
. Follow all instruc-
tions in this owner's manual re-
garding accessories and modi-
. Use genuine SUZUKI
accessories or equivalent de-
signed and tested for your mo-
. Consult your SUZUKI
dealer if you have any ques-
Never exceed the GVW
(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
of this motorcycle
. The GVW
is the combined weight of th
machine, accessories, payloa
and riders
. When selecting you
accessories, keep in mind th
weight of the riders as well a
the weight of the accessories
The additional weight of the ac
cessories may not only creat
an unsafe riding condition bu
may also affect the steerin
: 400 kg (885 lbs) at the tir
pressure (cold)
: 225 kPa
.25 kgf/cm
, 33 psi)
: 250 kPa
.50 kgf/cm
36 psi)
Anytime that additional weigh
or aerodynamic affecting acces
sories are installed, they shou
be mounted as low as possible
as close to the motorcycle an
as near the center of gravity a
is feasible
.The mounting brack
ets and other attachment hard
ware should be carefull
checked to ensure that they pro
vide for a rigid mount
. Wea
mounts can allow the shifting o
the weight and create a hazard-
ous, unstable condition
Inspect for proper ground clear-
ance and bank angle
. An im-
properly mounted load could
critically reduce these two
safety factors
. Also determine
that the "load" does not interfere
with the operation of the sus-
pension, steering or other con-
trol operations
Accessories fitted to the handle-
bars or the front fork area can
create serious stability prob-
. This extra weight will
cause the motorcycle to be less
responsive to your steering con-
. The weight may also cause
oscillations in the front end and
lead to instability problems
. Ac-
cessories added to the handle-
bars or front fork of the machine
should be as light as possible
and kept to a minimum
Backrests, saddlebags, travel
trunks, etc
., may affect the sta-
bility of the motorcycle due to
their aerodynamic effects
. The
motorcycle may be affected by
a lifting condition or by an insta-
bility in cross winds or when
being passed by or passing
large vehicles
. Improperly
mounted or poorly designed
accessories can result in an
unsafe riding condition, there-
fore caution should be used
when selecting and installing all
Certain accessories displace
the rider from his or her normal
riding position . This limits the
freedom of movement of the
rider and may limit control abil-
Additional electrical accesso-
ries may overload the existing
electrical system . Severe over-
loads may damage the wiring
harness or create a hazardous
situation due to the loss of elec-
trical power during the operation
of the motorcycle
When carrying a load on the mo-
torcycle, mount it as low as pos-
sible and as close as possible to
the machine
. An improperly
mounted load can create a high
center of gravity which is very haz-
ardous and makes the motorcycle
difficult to handle
. The size of the
"load" can also affect the aerody-
namics of the motorcycle
. Balance
the load between the left and right
sides of the motorcycle and fasten
it securely


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