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manualSuzuki SV650 S (2000)
Be extra safety-conscious on
bad weather days
I ildlng on bad weather days, espe-
cially wet ones, requires extra cau-
. Braking distances increase on
a rainy day
. Stay off the painted
surface marks, manhole covers,
and greasy-appearing areas, as
they can be especially slippery
. Use
extra caution at railway crossings
and on metal gratings and bridges
When it starts to rain, any oil or
grease on the road rises to the sur-
face of the water
. Pull over and wait
a few minutes until this oil film is
washed away before riding
. When-
ever in doubt about road conditions,
slow down!
Practice away from traffic
Your riding skill and your mechani-
cal knowledge form the foundation
for safe riding practices
. We sug-
gest that you practice riding your
motorcycle in a non-traffic situation
until you are thoroughly familiar
with your machine and its controls
Again, consider taking one of the
MSF's RiderCourses
. Even experts
will be pleased with the caliber of
the information presented in these
. As the MSF says
: "The
more you know, the better it getsl"
Inspection before riding
Review the instructions in the "IN-
section of this manual
. Perform an
entire pre-ride Inspection before
out on the road
Spending a few minutes preparing
your machine for a ride can help
prevent accidents due to mechani-
cal failure or costly, inconvenient
breakdowns far from home
Accessories and Loading
The accessories you use with your
motorcycle and the manner in
which you load your gear onto the
bike might create hazards
. Aerody-
namics, handling, balance, and
cornering clearance can suffer, and
the suspension and tires can be
. Read the "ACCES-
LOADING" section
Carrying a Passenger
Carrying a passenger, when done
correctly, is a great way to share
the joy of motorcycling
. You will
have to alter your riding style some-
what since the extra weight of a
passenger will affect handling and
. You may also need to ad-
just tire pressures and suspension
please refer to the Tire Pressure
and Loading section and the Sus-
pension section for more details
A passenger needs the same pro-
tection that you do, including a hel-
met and proper clothing
. The pas-
senger should not wear long shoe
laces or loose pants that could get
caught In the wheel or the chain
Passengers must be tall enough
that their feet reach the footrests
Motorcycle Safety
Foundation's "Riding Tips and
Practice Guide" Handbook
(for owners in USA)
This special handbook, supplied
with your owner's manual, contains
a variety of safety tips, helpful hints,
and practice exercises
. This
manual can increase your riding
enjoyment and safety
. You should
read it thoroughly
Be street smart
Always heed speed limits, local
laws, and the basic rules of the
. Set a good example for oth-
ers by demonstrating a courteous
attitude and a responsible riding
Traffic, road and weather conditions
. Other motorists' actions are
. Your motorcycle's
condition can change
. These fac-
tors can best be dealt with by giv-
ing every ride your full attention
Circumstances beyond your con-
trol could lead to an accident
. You
need to prepare for the unexpected
by wearing a helmet and other pro-
tective gear, and learning emer-
gency braking and swerving tech-
niques to minimize the damage to
you and your machine
The best way to learn basic riding
skills and evasive maneuvers or re-
fresh your own riding skills is to take
one of the courses offered by the
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
. Your
Suzuki dealer can help you locate
the fundamental or advanced riding
skills course nearest you, or you
can call toll-free 1-800-446-9227
Good riding on your new Suzuki!


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